» Angel with demon eyes (( Raguel and Sammy))




When Ragual said she didn’t really like Angela…whoever that was, he chuckled “Yeah…”He murmured and when she kissed him, he didn’t know how to feel about it…so he did nothing and just continuing to stare at her.

"Yeah, Cas is good…had a bit of a shakeup, but he’s good…and your Dad wanted you to be human? Hm. I thought he wanted you guys to just…love us or whatnot?"

'Fathers teachings were to guide mankind, protect and love you and be like you…' She said to him hugging her leg to her chest, ' Father never wanted all the fighting and he never wanted humanity destroyed.. Lucifer got jealous because father loved him the most and he just didn't want anyone else getting his love… he was jealous. Micheal is just.. well.. He misinterpreted father…' 

Sam sighed and nodded.”Well, that’s the first I’ve heard that he wanted you guys to be like us…”He cleared his throat and rubbed his hands together,”So, enough of the angel talk…I’m quite sick of it and would rather no talk about those two douche bags again. So, how can I help you? Are you stuck on earth like, forever? Or…?”

' I'm hiding here on earth from my brothers.' she said softly to him and smiled. ' I just need a place thats safe against demons…'

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"Carry on my wayward son" (( Raguel thought she should say Hi))




"I have no intention of giving up. I have too much to atone for to stop now. How are you, Raguel?" 


Raguel looked at him and placed a hand on his cheek and smiled softly, ’ well the first step to make amends has been done, you’ve admitted to doing something wrong. I am so proud of you Castiel.’ She said to him and kissed his forehead, ’ I have been exploring in my vessel all the places she use to go and trying to be human, it is very… Exhilarating to be honest.’

He smiled gratefully, appreciative of her kindness and reassurance. “Thank you. I am doing my best. Living among humanity…It is unlike anything else, that is for sure. In Heaven it is difficult to see how truly magnificent mankind has become.  They are truly our Father’s most remarkable creations.”

Raquel nodded to him and smiled, ‘yes he did… yes he did.’ she said looking around and chuckled, ‘come castiel let us explore some more.’

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Aideen stood in the doorway watching for a moment and smiled faintly, ' Doctor Frankenstein, would you like to dance with a partner?' She asked softly.




Frederick had begun to, seemingly, waltz by himself as if with an invisible force. Perhaps it was his long lost love Inga, but the voice caught him off guard. He spun around quickly and fixed his hair. “Dancing? I wasn’t dancing.”

Aideen looked at him slightly and nodded a bit, ’ If you are sure… You still have me worried though. You’re forcing a smile, I am here to listen to any problems you might have. I want to help you if you need it.’

     The smile, though forced, fell once more. “I simply have a lot of things on my mind,” he grumbled in response and turning from her. He wasn’t emotional; the closest he got to sharing his emotions was getting irritated, but rarely crying over something. Willy was the over dramatic and over emotional one. “Nevertheless, I appreciate your offer.”

Aideen nodded to him and smiled at him, ’ Of course.’ she said to him and chuckled. ‘anyways I was wondering if you’d clean up. dinners almost ready Doctor.’

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» Ladies.


you can be like sif.

you can be like black widow

you can be like jane foster

you can be like darcy

you can be like pepper potts.

But i suggest being like Mjolnir, and only allow worthy people to pick you up.

» outofscience:

I will be working on my drafts today, I’ve had a rough week so you’ll have to excuse me for not replying as much.

I love you all and I’ll do replies when I get home from doing some grocery shopping.

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i’ve been waiting for this gifset for my whole life


This made me weirdly emotional. We love you, fandom grandpa!

» Welcome to New Orleans (( Klaus/Riley)


"A family friend?" His brow raised with further questions, wondering just who this woman could be - if what was in the letter was true, she must be of some importance to his family. "Indeed I can…" Klaus let a soft smile touch the corners of his lips as he held out a hand to introduce himself. "My name is Klaus Mikaelson…I’m certain my brother was the one who extended this invitation to you - I’d be happy to take you to him so that you may…collect your things." 

Riley looked at him as she smiled softly and took his hand slightly, ’ I am Riley Liddel.’ she said to him and curtsied to him, ’ Thank you very much for leading the way. I would rather get this done and over with. I am not one for being in the states or liking being here without a good enough reason. After all Americans are very crass.’

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